Blockchain Systems Developer

1 Introduction of Cryptography and Blockchain:
What is Blockchain, Blockchain Technology Mechanisms & Networks, Blockchain Origins, Objective of Blockchain, Blockchain Challenges, Transactions And Blocks, P2P Systems,
Keys As Identity, Digital Signatures, Hashing, and public key cryptosystems, private vs. public Blockchain.

2 BitCoin and Cryptocurrency:
What is Bitcoin, The Bitcoin Network, The Bitcoin Mining Process, Mining Developments, Bitcoin Wallets, Decentralization and Hard Forks, Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), Merkle Tree, Double-Spend Problem, Blockchain And Digital Currency, Transactional Blocks, Impact Of Blockchain Technology On Cryptocurrency.

3 Introduction to Ethereum:
What is Ethereum, Introduction to Ethereum, Consensus Mechanisms, How Smart Contracts Work, Metamask Setup, Ethereum Accounts, Receiving Ether’s What’s a Transaction? Smart Contracts.

4 Introduction to Hyperledger:
What is Hyperledger? Distributed Ledger Technology & its Challenges, Hyperledger & Distributed Ledger Technology, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Composer.

5 Solidity Programming:
Solidity – Language of Smart Contracts, Installing Solidity & Ethereum Wallet, Basics of Solidity, Layout of a Solidity Source File & Structure of Smart Contracts, General Value Types (Int, Real, String, Bytes, Arrays, Mapping, Enum, address)

6 Blockchain Applications: Internet of Things, Medical Record Management System, Domain Name Service and Future of Blockchain, Alt Coins.