C#.NET Software Engineer

1 .NET Framework 4.0
 Framework Architecture
 Common Language Runtime
 Garbage Collection and MSIL

2 Object Oriented Programming with C#
 OOPs Concepts
 Partial Classes and Partial Methods
 Managing Types, Properties
 Methods and Parameters
 Named Parameters and Optional Parameters
 String Handling
 Abstract Classes and Interfaces
 The Exception Handling in .Net 4.0

3 C# Advanced Features
 Delegates and Events
 Attributes
 Familiarizing Collections and Generics
 Language Integrated Query (LINQ)
 Object and Collection Initializes
 Query Expressions
 Navigating the File System
 Reading and writing files
 Compressing Streams
 Forming regular expressions
 Encoding
 Serializing Objects

4 Multithreading
 Creating Threads
 Managing Thread class

5 Exploring .Net Assembly
 Classification of Assembly
 Private Assembly and Shared Assembly
 The Global Assembly Cache
 Single File Assembly and Multiple File Assembly
 Understanding Reflection
 Creating and Managing Application Domains

6 Creating and Managing Windows Services
 Creating Windows Services
 Interacting with Windows Services

7 Developing Windows Applications with C#

8 Creating a User Interface Application by Using Standard Controls
 Add and configure a Windows Form.
 Manage control layout on a Windows Form.
 Managing Form-Properties
 Add and configure a Windows Forms control.
 Create and configure menus.
 Create event handlers for Windows Forms and controls
 Construct Print documents
 Create a customized PrintPreview component
 Implement Globalization and Localization for a windows application
 Implement accessibility Features
 Create and configure MDI forms
 Drag and Drop functionality in C sharp
 Create a User control in c sharp
 Create a composite windows forms control
 Create an extended control by inheriting from existing windows control

9 Managing XML
 Manage XML with XML Document Object Model(DOM)
 Create XML using XMLWriter class
 Read and validate XML using XMLReader class

10 Designing and Implementing Databases with SQL Server 2008
 Introduction to ADO.NET
 Creating Tables and Relationships
 SQL Fundamentals
 Stored Procedures
 Introduction to Data bound Controls
 Insert, Update, Delete, Select commands in both connected and disconnected

11 WPF Application Fundamentals
 Windows applications
 Navigation applications / XAML Browser Applications
 Binding to a WPF element
 Transformations- Render , Skew, Rotate

12 Create a Windows Forms SetUp application
 Create Setup using Click once Technology
 Deploy an application using setup project