Quantum Computing Software Engineer

1 Perform Operations on Quantum Circuits
  1. Construct multi-qubit quantum registers
  2. Measure quantum circuits in classical registers
  3. Use single-qubit gates
  4. Use multi-qubit gates
  5. Use barrier operations
  6. Return the circuit depth
  7. Extend quantum circuits
  8. Return the OpenQASM string for a circuit
2 Executing Experiments
  1. Execute a quantum circuit
3 Implement BasicAer: Python-based Simulators
  1. Use the available simulators
4 Implement Qasm
  1. Read a QASM file and string
5 Compare and Contrast Quantum Information
  1. Use classical and quantum registers
  2. Use operators
  3. Measure fidelity
6 Return the Experiment Results
  1. Return and understand the histogram data of an experiment
  2. Return and understand the statevector of an experiment
  3. Return and understand the unitary of an experiment
7 Use Qiskit Tools
  1. Monitor the status of a job instance
8 Display and Use System Informatio
  1. Perform operations around the Qiskit version
  2.  Use information gained from %quiskit_backend_overview
9 Construct Visualizations
  1. Draw a circuit
  2. Plot a histogram of data
  3. Plot a Bloch multivector
  4. Plot a Bloch vector
  5. Plot a QSphere
  6. Plot a density matrix
  7. Plot a gate map with error rates
10 Access Aer Provider
  1. Access a statevector_simulator backend
  2. Access a qasm_simulator backend
  3. Access a unitary_simulator backend